30 Year Vision — St Albans

The strategic approach to the city centre aims to capitalise on the existing assets of the topography, the encircling park and countryside spaces, and the high quality built heritage of the city on the hill.

City-wide action plan

City centre masterplan parameters

Illustrative masterplan for the development of the city centre over a 30 year time-frame

Study model examining the potential for repair, infill and intensification of the fragmented post-war urban grain east of St. Peter’s Street

Illustration of the proposed new civic square fronted by a refurbished Alban Arena and a new Winter Garden

Illustration of the proposed intimate alleyways leading off St. Peter’s Street, completing a retail circuit and activating the existing backland plots

View of one of a chain of intimate and convivial court spaces at the heart of the potential development site west of St. Peter’s Street

Illustrations of the close-grained fabric and high quality public realm proposed by the masterplan – looking from a new square on Victoria Street towards a site identified for larger scale ‘big box’ development embedded within the urban block


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